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Well Water

The people in the Rural Area of Cambodia are facing the worst water crisis seen in the region in many years. The drought has made the availability of water one of the most valuable resources that very few have access to. Millions of families have to walk hours and sometimes even days in order to get just a few cups of drinking water.

Providing water to those in need is a sadaqah jariyah (a continuous charity) and helps to fulfill a basic human right with a profound impact.

HelpCMDF dig water wells and provide clean water. One new water well can sustain the population of an entire village.

In addition, having a local water supply enables young girls to spend their time in school rather than walking several miles to collect water for their families.

The foundation of all life is water and even in today’s “modern” world, there are so many people who spend so much of their time searching for it. There are over 785 million people who live without clean water with the majority in Cambodia