Surah Al-Qamar

The hour drew nigh and the moon did rend asunder.
And if they see a miracle they turn aside and say: Transient magic.
And they call (it) a lie, and follow their low desires; and every affair has its appointed term.
And certainly some narratives have come to them wherein is prevention--
Consummate wisdom-- but warnings do not avail;
So turn (your) back on them (for) the day when the inviter shall invite them to a hard task
Their eyes cast down, going forth from their graves as if they were scattered locusts
Hastening to the inviter. The unbelievers shall say: This is a hard day.
Before them the people of Nuh rejected, so they rejected Our servant and called (him) mad, and he was driven away.
Therefore he called upon his Lord: I am overcome, come Thou then to help.
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