The Royal Government of Cambodia hosted the 2nd Iftar dinner for Cambodian Muslim

Posted: Jun 27, 2015

Phnom Penh: At Diamond Island center in Phnom Penh capital on the evening of 26 June, 2015, Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen, Prime Minister of Kingdom of Cambodia highly presided over the Iftar dinner of Cambodian Muslim. The significant event was joined also from Excellency, Tycoon, distinguished guests from various body of Kingdom of Cambodia, ambassadors, students, Islamic teachers, Imam from all provinces in approximate number of 4,000 people.

His Excellency Datuk Othsman Hassan, Minister attached to the Prime Minister and chairman of the organizing committee said that the evening of 26 June 2015 is equal to 9th Ramadan 1436 H which all Muslims around the globe are fasting and abstaining from food, drink, sexual act during 15 hours since the dawn until sunset, it is the 4th obligation in Islam in the whole world.

He continued that fasting is required on all Muslim including old, young, male, female according to their own means. To be fully completed our fasting, we must abstain from bad talk and other bad act affecting to other’s feeling.

He added that fasting is best way to teach ourselves from discrimination, envy toward our community members but to teach team to invite to good deeds and stop from evil. Fasting means also to stay along with the poor who lack of food or the vulnerable persons. It can create the good communication with other persons, neighbor countless of race or religion.

His Excellency Ambassador of Kuwait to Cambodia expressed his appreciation, gratitude and special thank to Samdech Techo Prime Minister for taking the initiative for hosting the second Iftar dinner for the diplomatic corps, official and Muslim community during the holy month of Ramadan which emphasizes his desire and keenness to keep in touch with the diplomatic corps in general and Muslim in particular.

He added that since his arrival to the Kingdom of Cambodia about three year and a half years ago, he witnessed the significant role of Cambodian Muslims side by side with other cults and minorities in the positive contribution of promoting and developing this country and their pride of being Cambodians. He also witnessed closely the religious tolerance, harmony, peaceful co-existence and cooperation between Muslims and Buddhists in this country, which makes it a role model for other countries in the region can follow.
In that occasion, Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen, Prime Minister of Kingdom of Cambodia gave a meaningful speech as appreciation to the highest council for Islamic Religious Affairs in Cambodia who did great efforts in developing the nation. He also appreciated Muslim in whole country who practice Islamic teaching without violate the law of Kingdom of Cambodia.

He added that Cambodia has passed a bitter history in many periods such as Pol Pot regime who destroyed completely all religion. After the victory day of 7 January 1979, all religion is survived which all efforts of religion are developing forward.

Samdech Prime Minister emphasized that the most important and proud for Cambodia is that no any religious violence occurred while other countries are facing worriedly the great crisis of religious violence. Peace is the most important factor. We must guarantee its lasting existence. Everyone needs to take part in safeguarding our country’s peace and political stability. Our country is no longer in the peace-searching phase as before. We are in the phase of strengthening peace building.

He added that Cambodia is now in its phase of strengthening peace. And peace is achieved not by confrontation but only by dialogue (and resolving the difference) by peaceful means. Hence, the culture of dialogue established by parties with seats in the national assembly is a fundamental part in strengthening peace for our country. Culture of dialogue must exist not only within every political party, but also in every religion, from one to another, within and among sects. There is no real victory that comes out of confrontation.

Finally, Samdech Prime Minister issued some recommendation as follows:
1.    The Highest Council for Islamic Religious Affairs in Cambodia must arrange its sub-body stronger for the Islamic practice at all levels in order to be easily manage and control Muslim community out of the external interference which is leading to the extremism, internal disunity and violence which never happened in Cambodia.
2.    Any local or international Muslim NGO, association working in Cambodia must continue his activities for the community by following the state constitution without using his objective in wrong may which lead to the mistake, dissatisfaction from local and international charitable persons affecting to the leading of Royal Government.
3.    Ministry of Cult and Religion must assist in resolving any problem with the Highest Council for Islamic Religious Affairs in Cambodia according to the legal documents related to the application of new Mosque construction in a village where existed the Mosque already but the separatist group wants to illegally split the community leading to the violence, dispute and evil for Muslim community.
4.    All authorized ministries and institution and local authority must facilitate in pushing all activities for Muslim community requested according to the State Law and Islamic Law. But it is prohibited for any activities contradicted to the Islamic Law which lead to split the community.
5.    Ministry of interior, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport must facilitate for Cambodian Muslim who pursue their study abroad with either scholarship or own payment; the Royal Government still continue issue passport for them with free of charge.

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