H.E Datok Othsman Hassan: Mosque is also a unifying center and Social Development sector

Posted: Sep 14, 2014

Speaking on the occasion of the ceremony announced the mosque construction at Jeah2 village, Tmor Pich commune, Tboung Khmum district and the province, H.E Datuk Oknha  Othsman Hassan Minister attached to the Prime Minister, Secretary of State of Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training Adviser Samdech Techo Hun Sen, The president of Cambodian Muslim  Development Foundation, said, "In fact, a mosque beside a cult worship act, it is also the center of unification and discussion  the field of social development for the  main Muslim generations in everywhere ."

The Mosque which Minister has announced the construction, is the kind moderate mosque with size 20mx 15m a gift donation from charity of Malaysia, the project  expend  planned to spend more than 70 thousand USD. H.E Minister added that, congratulations to the national festival Phchum Bin, Islam is at closer to reach Aidil Audha as the extraordinary festival for Muslim in The world to increase their acts of Good did to purify from all sins, building a worldwide relationship and slaughtering of Qurban Act, during this occasion  we find that Muslims worldwide have been departing  as gradually to the Holy Land  of Islam is Makah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to perform the Pilgrim  the 5th duties of Islam. For Cambodian Muslims also like that, with happiness, peace and development of the country, the Cambodian Muslim who have ability to perform the pilgrim in this holy area is departing gradually from today up to the end of September 2014,. Minister said that, usually the Highest council for Islamic Religious Affair of Cambodia cooperation with the Cambodian Muslim Development Foundation and  other associations have bring along with  more donations as animals slaughtering for  meat distributed to the needy community with thousands of cows  equal to millions dollars. Apparently, up to now we do not know the exact numbers that will we get, but at the Highest Council For Islamic Religious Affair cooperation with   Cambodian Muslim Development Foundation was received and distributed gradually approximately 300 cows already starting to distribute from the far away area, but afterward the project will continue be distribute throughout the country as what we carried out normally from every year. H.E Datuk Oknha Othsman Hassan said that,  the most aids is the generous donations of Malaysian along with a number of Islamic countries ranging from those who are the medium,  rich families government and NGOs. Briefly to Muslims Cambodia comparison of livelihoods ability, it is the time to start form our self, family and community carry out this act section additional to many humanitarians donations we got from other countries, because this is the obligation for the whole Muslims who have ability from even a bit thing, whether just participate from small sharing portion in order to join the poverty reduction with the current social as well.

After finished the construction announcement ceremony, H.E Datuk Oknha  Othsman Hassan accompanied by His Excellencies, Her Excellencies and members of the Foundation were invited to visit the Tahfiz Al-Quraan An Nur Center, at Chrey Min Village, Rokar Pram Commune,  Tbong Khmom District and province. The center was sponsored by Malaysian generous person, supporting to the 193Students with salary 9teachers, H.E Minister advice to all parents and students to pay attention and to put more value on both education sector, national and religious. The both knowledge is a single body, which required maintaining properly. When mutilated in any part of the body there are cells that will cause other parts of the body as a whole any abnormal pain and wasting budget deficits and time.

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