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Cambodian Muslim Development Foundation is an organization of solidarity of Cambodian Muslims at all classes and places, emerging from kind-hearted generosity of individual and/or collective Cambodian Muslims, who are strongly willing to adhering to Islamic religion, patriotic, love peace, democracy and freedom, and voluntarily engage themselves in causing Cambodian Muslim Development Foundation in both livelihood and human resources in order to participate in building and developing our lovely country.

Cambodian Muslim Development Foundation is a name newly-changed from Association of Cambodian Muslim Development Foundation which was recognized by Ministry of Interior, and procedurally filed through Letter No. 255 Sor Chor Nor dated April 04, 1997. History of Muslim in Cambodia was recorded precisely that: at the time that Cambodian Muslim risked up from destruction and despair, this religion also started to step forward on new way of its religious life on the ground of respective guidance and leaderships, leaving empty soles of foot. Solidarity increased partially.

Edges of breakages were moving closer; interval of religious respect and adhering started. Reliable guidance and leadership had not appeared certainly; objectives of religious education and development weren’t occurred in hopeful manner. Therefore, the Association of Cambodian Muslim Development Foundation was, taking that time, established in purposes of coordinating and unifying Islamic religion toward development of living standard, human resources and moving the interval of respect to advice of Islamic religion, and replacing by centralized respect or mid-respect of Islam.

Standing on firm basic, correct principle, detailed program and sincere operations in causes of nation and Islamism to meet its improved objectives from one stage to another, the Association of Cambodian Muslim Development Foundation advanced from time to time with active support and close cooperation with Muslim communities inside and outside country, national and international governments, organizations, communities, Islamism followers and non-Islamism followers.

The Foundation is an organization of broad solidarity of Cambodian Muslim in both inside and outside country, not discriminating sect, social class and political tendency, assembling those who are patriotism, love Islamism, peace, democracy, and freedom and voluntarily participate in building and developing Cambodian Muslim toward meeting poverty reduction as to provide Cambodian Islam followers with prosperity, harmony and happiness, as also to participate with the Royal Government of Cambodia.

The Foundation pays close attention to protection of peace and legal interests of Cambodian Islamic Followers (CIF), fostering compliance with the constitution and law and regulations of the state, gathering opinion/ideas and requests from Islamic followers to set forth proposal and submit to competent institutions for examination and consideration. The Foundation will take part in building, strengthening and expending communication, solidarity, friendship and good cooperation between Muslim and Muslim, Islamic followers and Buddhism followers and followers of other religions in Cambodia as well as with people of neighboring countries in the same region and of all over the world. 

Organizational Structure
Organizational Structure
Organizational Structure
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